A Room of One’s Own

 (Based on the essay by Virginia Woolf)

In a time when women were given no consideration for education, much less their own space to create, Virginia Woolf argued that a woman must have her own room in order to write. We would also add, in order to paint, draw, sculpt, or undertake any creative endeavor. The thoughts that come out of the silence of one’s own space lead to most of the provoking images and ideas we see not only in this exhibit, but in the artistic world as a whole.

The women in this exhibit are all professional artists who have chosen the artistic path as their career in some form. Having the luxury of their own spaces, something denied to women during Woolf’s time, they have brought to life through different mediums, the concepts that only time and undisturbed introspection bring.

A Room of One’s Own has been truly a labor of love on the part of the LOC staff. In collaboration with College of Southern Nevada Professor, Erica Vital-Lazare, we have brought together an incredibly talented group of both literary and visual artists to recognize the contribution of women in the arts, to celebrate women’s history, and to inspire everyone to carve out their own private space of self discovery and creativity.

Literary Artists:  DeAnna Beachley, Angela Brommel, Susan Goecke, Cassandra Keenan, Jocelyn Paige Kelly, Karen Laing, Heather Lang, Olufunke Ogundimu, Alexis Parsha, Lori Piotrowski, Vogue Robinson, Kim Russell, Ingrid Taylor, Erica Vital-Lazare.

Visual Artist: Elizabeth Blau Ogilvie, Lolita Develay, Denise R. Duarte, Nancy Good, Bobbie Ann Howell, Kim Johnson, Yvette Mangual, Poli Marichal, Marylou Parker, Vicki Richardson, Marianne Sadowski.
















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