About Us

Left of Center Art Gallery is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the vision of Director Vicki Richardson. It is located in North Las Vegas yet serves the entire Southern Nevada community. Fondly referred to as LOC, the gallery began as a pathway to connect with and motivate area artists by providing exhibit spaces and creative support. With artwork showing a diversity of style and media, LOC is administered and supported by artists and educators who are committed to advancing the arts and providing a setting for cultural exchange.

LOC offers a wide spectrum of art experiences and events that reflect the diversity of the local community while also providing opportunities for artists from all over the country to share their work. Our goal is to make art more accessible to the surrounding neighborhoods by taking art to sites where it can enhance, educate, and bring a sense of local pride.

We are committed to encouraging art in public places and creating venues where the public can observe the steps of the creative process and encourage dialogue with individual artists. We represent an ethnically diverse group of members and resident artists. LOC holds the belief that the visual arts can serve as an education tool to help teach respect and understanding for all cultures.


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