In Between

Left of Center Art Gallery presents: “In Between” featuring work by artists Nanda Sharifpour and Ali Fathollahi April 3 – June 2, 2018 Artist Reception: Friday April 13, 2018 6 – 8:30 pm Gallery Hours: Tues – Fri 12 pm – 5 pm Sat 10 am – 3 pm Free to the Public Left of Center Art Gallery is pleased to present, “In Between”, a new body of work by artists and married couple, Nanda Sharif-pour and Ali Fathollahi. These series of works create an experience for the viewer by focusing on concepts such as our notion and understanding of our surrounding world, and challenge the viewers’ comprehension of familiar events, and even simple objects. Fathollahi and Sharif-pour use various mediums of art such as video and video-installation, projected image, sculpture, etc. based on the level of their suitability to serve the concept and context of the work. In a number of Fathollahi’s works, language and education are among the central areas of concentration. These works are a socialand political reaction to the present international political climate. Plus, the discussion of “Actuality vs. Representation” and “Real vs. Virtual” are the hidden layers of the pieces. This reminds us that we can reproduce a reality in a different way and look at it from a new perspective, which sometimes can be an “Aha” moment of comprehending a new dimension of our surroundings. In Sharif-pour’s works, in addition to the focus on senses and their role in communication with the outside world, she is also interested in cultural and social components that form personal identity. Sharif-pour tries to shed some light on the less known cultural and social issues which she has either experienced, seen, or heard of. In her works, there is almost always a duality present which invites the viewer to compare both sides of a phenomenon. This works as a mirror to help the viewer see the blind spots and different aspects of a personal, or cultural experience. This show is taking place between the solo shows that Fathollahi and Sharif-pour each will have at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. This period of time is also a transitional time for the couple in many other aspects of their lives. These are a few of the many things which inspired them to call the show “In Between”.Left Eye4-4 Ali 3 Left Eye 4-5 Nanda 1 Nanda 2

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