Los De Abajo Printmaking Collective

“Troubled Waters,” “Transformations,” & “Behind Bars”

Three exhibits by Los Angeles based Printmaking Collective, Los de Abajo

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 through Saturday, January 9, 2016.

Artist Closing Reception: Saturday, January 9, 2016 Noon until 3 pm

Los de Abajos, a printmaking collective from Los Angeles, will be exhibiting three distinct bodies of artwork at Left of Center Gallery through Janu;ary 9, 2016. Using graphic expression as a way to shake up consciousness, they utilize their art to address social problems prevalent in our society today. Troubled Waters deals with the lack of water primarily in California, but also applicable to Southern Nevada. Behind Bars directly addresses the issues of our prison system, and Transformations explores the nature of our changing world.

The group takes their name from the Mexican novel, Los de Abajo, written by Mariano Azuela about the Mexican Revolution of 1910. A must see for what is sure to be a powerful exhibition.

WarmingoftheWaters,MarianneSadowskiUntitled, Bound Figure, Nguyen LyImagineFreedom, KayBrownDodoonmyHead, PoliMarichal
Boat, CasDonovan
Idol, NguyenLy with Peter LiashkovOvertheFence,DonNewton



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