No Ordinary Life

“No Ordinary Life” is an exhibition of paintings and installations by artist, Kim Johnson.  Ms. Johnson is a native Las Vegas who received her BFA degree from UNLV.  In addition, she has formally studied human anatomy, environmental science, and principles of ecology.  Utilizing her knowledge of these subjects, she infuses the imagined into reality to create an other worldly environment through dreamlike spaces and images.  She describes her work as “microcosms of an uncanny resemblance to what seems familiar yet alien, mirroring the universe in its simple vastness and complexity.  Artwork that crawls out of primordial soup to evolve into extraordinary visuals of life asking questions, becoming human, dangerous and cunning, sweet and genuine.”

Not to be missed, “No Ordinary Life” visually explores the diverse, natural order and design around us with subtle nuances of how we operate on sociological, psychological, and primal levels.LOC:STRANGEDAYS IN THE DESERT:image listLOC:STRANGEDAYS IN THE DESERT:image listLOC:The Natural Cure ChamberLOC:STRANGEDAYS IN THE DESERT:image list

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