Taking Root and Blossoming

Left of Center is excited to present, Taking Root and Blossoming, an exhibition of the artwork of Senegali artist, Djibril N’Doye. N’Doye, who has lived and exhibited in Southern California currently lives in Southern Utah. His creations are drawn directly on wood with a woodburner and/or oil pencil. He was the subject of an 81 minute documentary film which was featured at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2004. N’Doye’s work addresses the idea that we all come from different parts of the world, and wherever we live, our culture follows us. It is an integral part of who we are. Our culture represents our roots, and without roots, a tree cannot live. N’Doye encourages us to respect our roots and be open to others so that we can better know ourselves.

NDOYE_Djibril_Woman Weaving_22x16inches_c2017 copy

NDOYE_Djibril_Metaphoric Game_22x16inches_c2017 copy

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