The Six Figure Exhibit

Left of Center Art Gallery is pleased to exhibit the work of six artists, Harold Bradford, Susanne Forestieri, Stewart Freshwater, Orlando Montenegro, Marylou Parker, and Vicki Richardson, as they present their interpretation of the human form.   The figure is a long-standing tradition in the world of art and often regarded as one of the most complex images to portray through various mediums.  These six artists have all worked with and explored the figure at some point in their artistic career, each bringing to the exhibit their skill and their unique depiction, along with the emotion it invokes.

Sassy by Vicki Richardson


From Darkness Into Light-Vannas Back by Stewart Freshwater 10in72ppi IMG_1226Lucky Charms by Orlando MontenegroSonya and Trista by Susanne Forestieri2Loss by Marylou ParkerDiego's Girl by Harold Bradford

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