In honor of Women’s History, Left of Center Gallery is once again holding an exhibition featuring women artists and writers.  The title, “Transitions”, refers to any transition or phase such as, mother to empty nester, girlhood to womanhood, phases regarding gender, transitions from victim to heroine, from silent to heard, or any transition a woman might experience during her lifetime.  A collaboration between twelve visual artists and 12 literary artists, this exhibit will certainly be one worth seeing.  In addition, the show is dedicated to our friend and colleague, Susanne Forestieri, who recently passed away.  

Visual Artists:  Diane Bush, Lolita Develay, Denise R. Duarte, Susanne Forestieri, Nancy Good, Bobbie Ann Howell, Kim Johnson, Poli Marichal, Yvette Mangual, Marylou Parker, Vicki Richardson, and Marianne Sadowski.

Literary Artists:  Erika Abad, Kay smith-Blum, Melissa Dean, Tina Eliopolos, Shelley Kelly, Karen Laing, Tonya Todd, Manikya Vee, Erica Vital-Lazare, Mercedes Warrick, and Selina Wells.

TransitionShow Lost,B.Howell

Lost, Bobbie Ann Howell

YoMismaFuiMiRuta,P.MarichalYo Misma Fui Mi Ruta, Poli Marichal

ASeaChange,D.DuarteA Sea Change, Denise R. Duarte

IntheWakeofAwareness,K.JohnsonIn The Wake of Awareness, Kim Johnson

Primavera,MSadowskiPrimavera, Marianne Sadowski

SpeakingWithTheInfinite,M.ParkerSpeaking With the Infinite, Marylou Parker

MakeAMerkinGreatAgain,D.BushMaking a Merkin Great Again, Diane Bush


Requiem, Nancy Good

ASeaChange,D.DuarteA Sea Change, Denise R. Duarte

The Kiss Goodbye Orange SusArt_2013_10_16_25The Kiss Goodbye, Susanne Forestieri

Rococo Basilisk featuring Bbay Champurrado, L. DevelayRococo Basilisk, Featuring Baby Champurrado, Lolita Develay

Zero Tolerance, Yvette Mangual



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